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Pitassi Architects, Inc. and Northtown Housing Development Corporation

College Scholarship Program for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Planning Majors

2014/2015 Academic Year

Pitassi Architects, Inc. (PAI) has endowed a $50,000.00 scholarship fund to be administered by PAI and the Northtown Housing Development Corporation (NHDC). This fund will provide annual financial assistance for qualified students who are currently enrolled or will major in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Urban Planning.

Northtown Housing Development Corporation was established primarily for and is dedicated to the revitalization of the Northtown neighborhood in the city of Rancho Cucamonga. The Board of Directors and its Executive Director have dedicated themselves to providing high quality, award winning, affordable housing to those most in need. Since their formation in 1993, NHDC has succeeded in improving their community through quality design and construction of affordable multifamily and single family housing.

Pitassi Architects, Inc., an award winning architectural firm in Rancho Cucamonga, has collaborated with NHDC on single family, multifamily, and senior housing, as well as, a community center. This center is used to provide the educational and improvement programs vital to NHDC´s mission. These combined efforts have resulted in state and local recognition for both NHDC and PAI, but more importantly, these efforts have been a positive influence on the community of Northtown, the city of Rancho Cucamonga, and the individuals and families who have benefited.

Pitassi Architects, Inc. has been committed to working with non-profit housing development corporations such as Northtown and would like to encourage future generations of architects and planners to recognize the importance of quality, affordable housing. Therefore, PAI has established this scholarship program to encourage and assist students in pursuing their goals while recognizing the importance of livable communities. It is our hope that the students who are assisted by this program become successful professionals, willing to contribute their time and talent to improving their neighborhoods.

To be considered for this assistance, students must have demonstrated academic achievement, exceptional community service, and leadership. PAI and NHDC will provide one or more scholarships of up to $1,000.00 per year for up to five years to assist with payment of student tuition and college expenses. The following is a description of the scholarship program and the necessary qualifications.

Scholarship Amount

One or more students will be awarded scholarships annually. The scholarship will go towards the recipient´s tuition for up to five years. The total maximum amount of the scholarship award is $5,000.00, which will be awarded in even installments over a maximum of five years. For example, if the award recipient attends a college that employs the semester system, the scholarship will be paid in ten $500.00 installments. Students must be registered, and must maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0 in order to receive the award installment. The scholarship will be paid directly to the award recipient´s college for tuition and/or expenses.

Award recipients must demonstrate their compliance with the scholarship´s qualifications annually to continue receiving their financial assistance. Recipients must present their transcripts from the previous year to the scholarship committee and present a brief description of their educational progress.

Qualifying for the Scholarship

Applicants must meet several qualifications in order to be eligible for the scholarship. 

Income Eligibility: 

Applicants maximum annual family income to qualify for the scholarship is $100,000.00.

Academic Achievement
Applicants must have a minimum cumulative high school or college grade point average of 3.0 at the time of application. This grade point average must be maintained through the first semester of the senior year of high school or the last completed quarter or semester for college students. Students must have successfully completed at least one year of architectural drafting or CAD classes at the high school or community college level, or one year of design at the university level.

Community Service:
Students should have participated in some form of community service, demonstrated leadership qualities, and demonstrated good citizenship. Applicants should have participated in activities such as volunteering with local nonprofit service agencies, participating in school government, participating in local clubs, or athletics.

The scholarship is only available to current or former students of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District (Alta Loma High School, Chaffey High School, Montclair High School, Ontario High School, Etiwanda High School, Rancho Cucamonga High School, Los Osos High School, and Colony High School). The applicant must have graduated from a school in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District if currently enrolled in a community college or university.

Applying for the Scholarship

To apply for the scholarship, you must provide the following:

  1. Complete the attached Application form.
  2. Submit an essay that discusses the theme “The Importance of Design and Planning in Creating Livable Communities”. The essay should not exceed five typewritten pages.
  3. Two letters of recommendation, one from a teacher or professor (preferably from the high school´s architectural drafting program or from the college´s design program faculty) familiar with the applicant. The other letter shall be from an unrelated individual familiar with the applicant.
  4. Letter of acceptance from an accredited university program in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning. Students may also be considered if currently enrolled at an accredited university program or a community college that possesses articulation with accredited university programs as noted above.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 10, 2014. Finalists will be notified for a personal interview to take place the week of April 21st through April 24th, 2014. 

Please mail or deliver applications to:

Ms. Carol Norris
Board Member
Northtown Housing Development Corporation
c/o Pitassi Architects, Inc.
8439 White Oak Avenue, Suite 105
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

The Scholarship Committee of the NHDC Board of Directors and Peter Pitassi, AIA, LEED AP, President of Pitassi Architects, Inc. will review applications. The Committee will select and conduct interviews of the finalists. If you have any questions regarding the Scholarship, please do not hesitate to call Northtown Housing Development Corp at (909) 980-0465 or Pitassi Architects Inc. at (909) 980-1361.

Announcement of Award

PAI/NHDC will announce the recipient of the award for the 2014/2015 academic year the week of May 5, 2014.